Wake Up and Glow Set

Simplify your makeup and skincare routine with these 5 glowy-skin essentials. For dry, oily, or combination skin, this set works to hydrate & protect while instantly creating that “no-makeup, makeup look”.

  • Hydraluron Cream Cleanser removes dirt, oil, & impurities while working to maintain a healthy moisture barrier and even skin tone.
  • Vitamin C Brightening Drops protect skin from free radical damage that causes hyperpigmentation and premature aging, leaving skin firm, bright, and more even in tone.
  • Squalane Facial Oil hydrates and locks in moisture for a super-dewy glow while regulating sebum production to ensure a non-greasy finish.
  • Nanobronze Bronzing Drops add an instant sunkissed effect (customizable to your desired pigment) while defending against pollution and improving skin elasticity.
  • Hydraluron Tinted Lip Treatment in Pink rebuilds the lips’ moisture barrier, creates a plumping effect, and adds a subtle pink tint!

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How to Use

Hydraluron Cream Cleanser: Apply a dime-sized amount to damp skin. Rub in a circular motion for 30 seconds. Rinse well and pat dry with a clean towel.

Vitamin C Brightening Drops: Apply 2-3 drops after cleansing. Pat into the skin until fully absorbed.

Squalane Facial Oil: Apply 1-2 drops to the face. Pat into the skin until fully absorbed.

Nanobronze: Squeeze a pea-sized amount on your hand first, then apply to the face (and neck or collar bone if desired). For darker skin tones, mix nanobronze with your favourite moisturizer to dilute the pigment.

Hydraluron Tinted Lip Treatment in Pink: Apply as needed.

Follow up with your favourite SPF.



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