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phthalate-free sulfate-free paraben-free fragrance-free colourant-free free from drying alcohols mineral oil-free not tested on animals


Instant Skin-Blurring Cream

It’s never been easier to blur out imperfections, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and create an even-looking complexion. Nanoblur™ instantly blurs and filters skin, minimizing the look of enlarged pores, shine, wrinkles, blemishes and crow’s feet while leaving skin with a silky-smooth finish. Developed to provide high-definition-ready skin, this unique cream uses light-diffusing and optical-blurring technology to create a visibly matte and flawless finish for picture-perfect skin.

Size: 1.0 fl oz/30 ml

(37 customer reviews)

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How to Use

For best results, follow these application methods:

Without Makeup:
Gently pat a pea-sized amount over moisturised skin.

With Makeup:
Gently pat a pea-sized amount over liquid foundation or under pressed/loose powder.

For dry skin types or those wanting a dewier look, mix nanoblur™ with a moisturiser.


  • Softens appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Gives a smooth and mattified appearance to the skin
  • Diffuses the appearance of enlarged pores and shine

Key Ingredient

Nano-Optic Prism Complex: A first of its kind in the skincare industry, this complex provides an intensified blurring property to lines, wrinkles, shine and large pores, while adding a silky and smooth finish. This ingredient’s ability to blur is due to its concentrated elastomer content.


(37 customer reviews)

37 reviews for nanoblur

  1. David Halfkenny (verified owner)

    London Ont

    Age: 70 & Above

    Skin Type: Normal

    Describe Yourself: Newbie

    Good Product

    She has been using this product for a few years and find it does a good job of blurring. We use to purchase this product at Shoppers Drug Mart. We have been purchasing it from Indeed for a couple of years.

    Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes

  2. Jacqueline Prajza

    Niagara on the lake

    Age: 60-69

    Describe Yourself: Beauty Curious


    Love this product!

    Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes

  3. Diana (verified owner)


    Age: 70 & Above

    Skin Type: Normal

    Describe Yourself: Beauty Enthusiast

    Good, but can be tough to work with

    This product is best patted on as it has little slip. As others have said, it doesn’t play well with foundation. It tends to move the foundation with it, if applied first, you can’t apply the foundation over it because it is so gripping.

    Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes

  4. Misty T (verified owner)


    Age: 40-49

    Skin Type: Combination

    Describe Yourself: Beauty Enthusiast

    Amazing product!

    I just love this product and was sad to see it
    disappear from Shoppers however I am so happy to have purchased here! Even a personal handwritten note was inside the box! This product doesn’t disappoint, minimizes pores and shine making fine lines appear much less. Smooths and tones. I love putting it on any time of day to tackle shine etc. It works best on a clean face. Then you can add powder, blush, etc after. Doesn’t go well with foundation I find but I don’t wear any. A powder over is good enough.

    Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes

  5. Lynn Church (verified owner)

    Vancouver Island BC

    Age: 60-69

    Skin Type: Combination

    Describe Yourself: Beauty Curious

    Wonderful product!

    This product sweeps away the years. It has an immediate smoothing effect on my fine lines and crows feet.

    Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes

  6. Diana (verified owner)


    Age: 70 & Above

    Skin Type: Normal

    Describe Yourself: Beauty Guru

    Ok, but not great

    My first attempt to put it on before foundation didn’t go well as it was difficult to spread over the skin. The next time I used it, I made sure my moisturizer was freshly applied and that helped. I didn’t find it as blurring as I had hoped, so I apply it only on the areas that have enlarged pores.

    Would I recommend this to a friend? No

  7. SaraA


    Age: 30-39

    Skin Type: Normal

    Describe Yourself: Beauty Curious

    Works Great Unless You Wear It With Liquid Foundation

    What They Say:
    -Softens appearance of fine lines and wrinkles✅
    -Gives a smooth and mattified appearance to the skin✅
    -Diffuses the appearance of enlarged pores and shine✅

    Truth be told, it does all these things when applied straight onto moisturised skin. For the no makeup kinda girl, this stuff really does act like your camera’s beauty filter. And it lasts! Keeping your skin looking at its best! It even works well if you add powder makeup on top!

    BUT…According to the packet instructions, the cream is to be applied on top of liquid foundation. So this is exactly what I did! I was trying so hard to pat it on rather than rub it in, but as soon as it came into contact with my skin and foundation, it became a bit messy.

    If you’ll be wearing this au naturel, go for it, it’s great!
    If you want this to wear with makeup, not my fave.

    Would I recommend this to a friend? No

  8. Shelli (verified owner)

    Victoria, BC

    Age: 50-59

    Skin Type: Combination

    Describe Yourself: Beauty Enthusiast

    Does it!

    Really does what it says, which is refreshing in today’s market of so many choices its overwhelming! Softly blurs on the face, leaving a light no makeup, matte look while covering minor imperfections. My face feels nice and smooth with it on. Love that it’s made in Canada and all the other good stuff Indeed is known for!

    Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes

  9. doug adler


    Age: 50-59

    Skin Type: Normal

    Describe Yourself: Newbie

    LOVE IT!!!

    LOVE the Colour Corrector creme. I have a naturally reddish skin, and it truly makes such a huge difference. Not sure why Shoppers Drug Mart doesn’t carry this product anymore. Will just have to order on line!

    Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes

  10. Nancy Crickmore (verified owner)

    Niagara Falls

    Age: 60-69

    Skin Type: Combination

    Like no other

    I have only been using Nanoblur on my face for several years now….no need for any foundation. I have porous skin and Nanoblur smooths and removes the shine, as well as keeping oils at bay.
    I also use Nanoblur on my eyelids, setting my eye makeup, preventing the movement of powders or liner.

    I not only have highly recommended Nanoblur to my friends, but I have also given it as gifts to my sisters!
    It travels well with me, is affordable, and is like no other ‘comparable’ product. The Best!

    Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes

  11. Alissa

    Aurora, ON

    Amazing product to minimize the look of pores, wrinkles, and shine!

    I have been using Nanoblur for about a year now and I cannot go a day without wearing it underneath my foundation. It has changed the look of my skin when I am wearing makeup, and since wearing it I get so many compliments on my skin. Personally, I find that product works and looks better when applied under foundation. I prefer to apply a pea size amount first and then to top it with my foundation. It really does an amazing job blurring my verrrrry large pores!!!

    I would highly recommend this product to anyone with texturized skin. Whether to you do or do not wear makeup, it is an amazing product to minimize the look of pores, wrinkles, and shine!

  12. Lucky

    Toronto, ON

    Works like magic

    Not only do I love this product for its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores, it also works like magic when I am on set to reduce shine! It is a staple in my kit!

  13. Julie

    Toronto, ON

    Good to go all day!

    I have very sensitive skin so I try to avoid foundations and tinted moisturizers so this product is a great solution for me! It allows me to achieve that healthy even looking complexion without having to rely on heavy face makeup. I put this on my face after cleansing and moisturizing and I’m good to go all day!

  14. Kylee O’Dell

    Victoria, BC

    It really does what it says on the box!

    The claims seemed outrageous but, I can assure you, it really does what it says on the box! I will never be without it. Some days I use it all over after moisturizer so I can skip foundations. Other days I use it more strategically after applying foundation. Works great both ways! Please do not stop making this so I can keep buying it!

  15. Diane Tisdale

    Surrey, BC

    A must have in my makeup routine!

    I have been using Nanoblur for several years now and love it , wouldn’t do my makeup without it.I am a cosmetician and have tried almost everything there is . While this doesn’t blur all the deep wrinkles , it’s enough so your skin looks much smoother.A must have in my makeup routine! Highly recommend it.

  16. Sally

    Toronto, ON

    The best cream and company

    The best cream and company I am 46 years old and every day people give me compliment on my face look like 30 no wrinkles . Problem only Shoppers drug mart don’t sale no more

    • Indeed Labs

      We’re so happy that you love nanoblur, thank you! We still sell nanoblur at our select Shoppers Drug Mart locations! If you’re looking to find nanoblur in store, please reach out to and we’d be happy to help find a location near you.

  17. Thepinch

    Hull, QC

    Literally worth it's weight in gold

    I am a cosmetician and thought the claims we’re total bull. Then one day I tried it and in 10 seconds I was astonished. That was 5 years ago and I am never without it. I will be 65 in 3 months and it’s literally worth it’s weight in gold. Don’t be fooled by the low price!

  18. KVaz

    Toronto, ON

    Amazing product!

    Amazing product! I use mixed with a wee bit of moisturizer after I have already moisturizer my face before I put on some powder. Gives me an ‘even Steven’ finish that I love! Can’t thank the friend that recommended this to me years ago enough. Or you fabulous peeps for making it!

  19. Lidia (verified owner)

    Burlington, ON

    It really works

    I love this product, It really works . It takes care of all our little imperfections . I’m loving all my products from indeed . Great product and may thanks to indeed.

  20. hellencan2014 (verified owner)

    Oshawa, ON

    Looked amazing

    I just received nanoblur today before I went to work. I took all my make-up off and stared with my moisturizer. After work, I read the reviews. Thank you, everyone, for your comments. I didn’t use it quite right. I put bronzer lightly over my face and then nanoblur. Now I have come to realize I use this product under my foundation or powder. I still looked amazing and I am 59 years old. Tomorrow I will use this over my moisturizer with no foundation. Thank you for your fast delivery.

  21. adelemiron

    Toronto, ON

    Absolutely saved me

    This product absolutely saved me. My forehead has been a problem area for me and nanoblur has decreased the wrinkles and lines in a way I thought not possible with just a cream !

  22. Ruth Frandsen

    Saint-Ubalde, QC

    Loving it

    I’m using it now and loving it.

  23. donna (verified owner)

    Toronto, ON

    Using this product for years now

    I have been using this product for years now, since they started introducing it on TSC, I do not wear make-up an i’m 64, though you would never know it thanx to Nanoblur

  24. Claudia

    Mississauga, ON

    Gives my skin perfect and natural look

    This product is amazing. It gives my skin perfect and natural look, hiding large pores and fine lines. I do not need foundation. Please don’t stop producing this product.


    Los Angeles, CA

    I am 76 and people have remarked on how great I look

    I am 76 and people have remarked on how great I look now. I use over Hydraluron moisture gel and under powder. I don’t often use foundation.

  26. danielleskday (verified owner)

    Toronto, ON

    I swear by this product

    I swear by this product….it gives me a finished look for everyday use and my skin is happy that I dont need to use foundation on a regular basis. It is a must have in your daily beauty routine.

  27. Matthew Young

    Toronto, ON

    Nanoblur is my go-to

    I originally purchased this product (Nanoblur) as research for a project; I’ve always been very skeptical of industry beauty products and didn’t believe in the outlandish claims they make — I found indeed labs products. Nanoblur is my go-to in the morning, even as a guy, it reduces the appearance of my laugh lines and people have been complimenting that I look younger and fresher.

  28. Alysha

    Toronto, ON

    Magic in a tube

    Magic in a tube. Wrinkles begone!

  29. Kate Ballamy

    Phoenix, AZ

    Really helps to hide pores and imperfections

    I’ve been applying nanoblur before applying my foundation and it really helps to hide pores and imperfections!

  30. Nicole Ang

    Toronto, ON

    Great product

    Great product, it’s used on any scars or cuts on face and hands. I’m a model, and use it a lot for photo shoots, and auditions. It’s great when you cover it a bit with foundation too.

  31. Lori

    Phoenix, AZ

    This stuff actually works

    This stuff actually works. It’s weird. People think I have great skin health all of a sudden, and I’m gonna let them continue to think that!!

  32. Jennifer Angell

    Phoenix, AZ

    "Blurs" your pores

    After applying your foundation, rub a small amount between your fingers to make it a bit more fluid and then DAB (do not rub) the product over your foundation. Do not overwork it or you’ll end up with a stubborn glob of makeup that takes a palette knife to remove. If used correctly, it gives your foundation a matte finish and “blurs” your pores, making them much less noticeable. I find it lasts longer on areas that don’t tend to get oily throughout the day.

  33. Tajana Smith

    Phoenix, AZ

    Works very well

    I use this all over my moisturized face, let it dry, then applied pur dark spot corrector (pur brand), then my liquid foundation and it makes my skin look pore less and smooth and it does “hide” the wrinkles some. I can’t imagine patting this OVER foundation as it says you can do. It works very well used the way I did.

  34. Brandon McDonald

    Phoenix, AZ

    Works well as a pore refining base

    Nice product. I am a male and occasionally wear light makeup. This product works well as a pore refining base under powder but I also use it by itself for no makeup days.

  35. Bianca G

    Phoenix, AZ


    I love this stuff. I do do not wear foundation anymore, I put this on after my sunscreen and it makes my face look like a baby’s butt all day… Matte, but glowing and healthy looking.

  36. Lara Townsend

    Phoenix, AZ

    A little bit goes a long way!

    For me, personally, this stuff works best if I use it as a primer. I am in my mid 40s with oily skin, enlarged pores and some fine lines and wrinkles. Here is how I use Nanoblur and what works best for me: I wash my face, apply my Vitamin C serum, my sunscreen, then use approximately the size of a grain of rice (of the Nanoblur) for my entire face, then my Skin 79 BB Cream (I use that in lieu of foundation). I have found that a little bit of the Nanoblur goes a long way. I have not had any issues with the Nanoblur reacting with the sunscreen or the BB Cream. It does help to blur my pores and fine lines

  37. Helen McLean

    Phoenix, AZ

    My 'wonder product'!

    This is my ‘wonder product’ ! It must be applied correctly to get the proper effect – which is – OVER liquid foundation and UNDER powder foundation. It is the BEST thing I have found to make the complexion look more youthful, no greasy shine and an ‘all day long’ fresh look. I can’t praise this product enough and would be mortified if I couldn’t get hold of it! Don’t EVER stop producing it – PLEASE!!!!!!

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