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phthalate-free sulfate-free paraben-free fragrance-free free from drying alcohols mineral oil-free not tested on animals

nanoblur colour corrector – green

Neutralizes the Appearance of Redness

The immensely popular nanoblur™ is now being introduced to the world of colour with our nanoblur™ colour correctors. This unique triple-action formula combines skin perfecting technology with next generation ingredients to treat, correct and blur skin instantly. Featuring Squalane, a powerful hydrator, and Nigella Sativa Oil, which is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, this cream helps condition and protect your skin. It is formulated with a green colour-neutralizing pigment that works to instantly reduce the appearance of redness while locking in moisture and giving your skin an even texture and smooth, velvet finish. This lightweight formula is easy to blend and sheer enough to be worn alone.

Size: 1.0 fl oz/30 ml

(11 customer reviews)

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How to Use

Apply as needed to the areas of concern or entire face. Use under makeup or alone. Also available in colour-neutralizing shades purple, peach, and yellow. Customize, combine and spot treat as needed according to your skin and areas of concern.


  • Instantly neutralizes the appearance of redness
  • Blurring formula instantly softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pores and shine
  • Instantly brightens skin
  • Evens texture and leaves a smooth, velvet finish while locking in moisture
  • Contains squalane, which acts as an antioxidant

Key Ingredients

Nigella Sativa Oil: Hailed as the most powerful oil in the world, this oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, calcium, selenium, magnesium, iron, beta-sitosterol, copper, zinc, potassium, niacin, vitamins A-B-B2-B3-C-D and E. It is proven to strengthen, moisturise and provide anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-fungal benefits.

Copper, Magnesium, Zinc: These key minerals optimize cellular respiration to stimulate energy and metabolic mediators to protect skin against free radical damage. They act as a bioenergizer for clear, fresh skin.

Squalane: Replenishes fatty acids, moisturises, plumps, softens and smooths the skin.

Green Powder Complex: A matrix combining a redness diminishing peptide with anti-oxidant properties and the soothing quality of honey. It also includes tetrapeptide-14, a peptide designed to prevent inflammation.

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MAY CONTAIN: IRON OXIDES (CI 77491, CI 77491, CI 77499)

Please be aware that ingredient lists may be updated from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive.


(11 customer reviews)

11 reviews for nanoblur colour corrector – green

  1. Chantal Scerri


    Age: 40-49

    Skin Type: Combination

    Describe Yourself: Beauty Enthusiast

    The perfect no makeup look

    This product works. My makeup routine now involves moisturizer, SPF, and then the green Nanoblur on top (I've ditched my Guerlain foundation). It literally tones down the red in my complexion, mattifies while leaving a slight glow. I actually first got this in the summer and then stopped using because it didn't seem to go well with the different brand of SPF I was using at the time. I switched up my SPF brand to Live Clean Baby SPF 40 and decided to give the corrector another shot. I can't stress enough the importance of not giving up on a product because it's performance sometimes depends on what other products you're using it with. Indeed Labs is a fantastic clean brand that gives people a chance to enhance their natural beauty. I only ever used a little foundation to tone down redness and now I can do so simply with Nanoblur green corrector. I couldn't be happier to have found Indeed Labs and their products!

    Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes

  2. ayanna


    Age: 19 & Under

    Skin Type: Combination

    Describe Yourself: Beauty Enthusiast

    love it

    Love this product! Makes my face look so much less red and also soothes my face! I wear this and no makeup and it makes my skin look so glowy and so much less red. It’s also so light and easy to apply!

    Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes

  3. Bianca


    Age: 20-29

    Skin Type: Combination

    Describe Yourself: Beauty Enthusiast

    Great for redness

    Great primer and really calms redness! It also helps to blur pores and makes my skin feel super soft. can be used alone after moisturizer or under makeup as well.

    Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes

  4. LEX DELGIUDICE (verified owner)

    Burlington, ON

    Age: 30-39

    Skin Type: Combination

    Describe Yourself: Beauty Enthusiast

    An absolute staple!

    As someone with rosacea I can't stress how much I love this product. It is my 4th time buying this corrector and it has become a staple in my skincare/makeup routine. It's amazing to watch the redness disappear after applying this product. HIGHLY recommend and can't live without it!

    Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes

  5. Candice Ward (verified owner)

    Toronto, ON

    Age: 30-39

    Skin Type: Other

    Describe Yourself: Beauty Enthusiast

    Calms the look of my skin ...

    I love how it goes on, and corrects my rosacea instantly! It calms the red, and my pimples on cheeks. It is not greasy either, however, feels like it hydrates at the same time. Will buy again!

    Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes

  6. claudettesavoie43 (verified owner)


    Calms the redness

    I have very red broken capillaries on the corner of my nose which are spreading to my cheeks. I have tried many green correctors and all of them have failed, whether making my skin feel greasy, whiteheads. UNTIL I tried this Nanoblur Green corrector. I did not have much hope when I saw the color in the tube, but gave it a try. I'm so very glad I did. Although it does not make the redness completely disappear, I doubt anything does except laser, it calms the redness and to be honest, you can hardly notice the redness after makeup which I use to wear a ton to camouflage the red. I can now wear BB cream, much lighter than a foundation. I love this product. Thank you

  7. Rachel Kornblum (verified owner)

    Toronto, ON

    Game changer

    Honestly this product has been a game changer for me and my morning routine. I have a very red tone to my skin, especially around my eyes, and I find that this with some light bronzer does the trick! The price is great for how well this product works and how nice it feels on your face – I would highly recommend.

  8. Cat

    Winnipeg, MB

    Helped my skin look a lot calmer!!

    I have really red skin usually and this product really helped my skin look a lot calmer!! I tend to not wear makeup throughout the week and have never used a colour corrector, but this is something that is easy to apply and really helps my skin look a lot better with little effort.

  9. Donna

    I have never had a colour corrector. In fact, I never realized there was a colour corrector available to me on the market. I am a fair haired women who has a tendency to get red and it is not blushing. Wearing the Nanoblur Colour Corrector has given me more confidence and a more youthful feeling because it is light and I don't even feel like I have it on. I am so thankful that there is a product like this available on the market.

  10. Kristina

    Winnipeg, MB

    A staple in my skincare routine

    Nanoblur is a staple in my skincare routine. It works really well as a primer to reduce redness for the days i wear makeup and I love it as a confidence booster on the days I go bare. The texture is so light and breathable that you can't feel it all! And I think the ingredients may actually be working to permanently reduce the redness in my skin – I highly recommend!

    One caveat though – be sure to blend it in well as my boyfriend has pointed out a green tinge or line on my face the one time i rushed it

  11. Jennifer

    Barrie, ON


    My daughter picked this product up for me and I was skeptical, but Im so glad I tried the green color corrector nano blur product. Ive always had a red skin complexion, and this product corrected that instantly. I used a small amount all over my face and the redness was reduced dramatically. Just make sure when applying the product you have good lighting and rub the product in all the way to avoid any white lines. Will definitely purchase this product again!! SO HAPPY!

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