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oil-free silicone-free phthalate-free sulfate-free paraben-free fragrance-free colourant-free free from drying alcohols mineral oil-free

hydraluron™ moisture serum

Deep Hydration and Moisture Boosting Facial Serum

This hydrating hyaluronic acid serum provides extraordinary moisture boosting benefits to the skin. The low molecular weight of hyaluronic acid allows the serum to penetrate beneath the skin’s surface resulting in enhanced hydration and a dewy glow. Filled with powerful anti-aging properties, hydraluron™ moisture serum replenishes skin’s moisture level while diminishing dull, uneven skin tones. Containing the purest form of hyaluronic acid and red marine algae, hydraluron™ moisture serum revitalizes skin leaving it smoother, softer, plumper and more radiant looking. This light weight serum is gentle enough to use on all skin types. For optimal results, pair it with our hydraluron™ moisture jelly.

Size: 1.0 fl oz/30 ml

(109 customer reviews)

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How to Use

Apply a pea-sized amount to a cleansed face, morning and night for a dewy glow. Apply daily and follow with a moisturizer or hydraluron™ moisture jelly for optimal results.

Key Benefits

  • Anti-aging
  • Leaves skin hydrated and glowing
  • Improves skins texture and evens out skin tone

Key Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid: A low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that is naturally found in the body and absorbs water like a sponge leaving skin fuller, plumper and glowing. This high-level hydrating substance holds 1000x its weight in water helping skin to retain collagen, increase moisture and enhance elasticity.

Red Marine Algae: A nutrient-rich mineral that stimulates cell turnover and circulation, boosting hyaluronic acid’s ability to penetrate the skin’s surface at a deeper level – a method inspired by Switzerland’s leading skin care clinics.

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Full Ingredient List


Please be aware that ingredient lists may be updated from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients.


(109 customer reviews)

109 reviews for hydraluron™ moisture serum

  1. krista metcalfe

    I enjoyed this product, I found when used alone without makeup it made my skin hydrated and smooth. I did find when I tried to put make up over it flaked off and this would not fit into my day to day routine, but definitely my night time routine. I would recommend this product to someone who did not wear makeup or for a night time routine. #freeproduct

  2. Tina

    I got the hydraluron™ moisture serum as part of a promotion from topbox circle, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. I’ve been using the product for a few weeks now and wanted to give it some time before reviewing. I love that you only need to use such a small amount so the bottle goes a long way. It left my skin feeling super smooth and hydrated for sure! I’ve always had dryer skin, especially my skin, and around my nose where no foundation ever looked good. Since using this product my skin is not dry and my foundation goes on so much smoother! I used this on combination with 2 other indeed lab products and the combo was amazing for my skin. This 1/3 was probably my favorite.

  3. Densmom_reviews

    I received the opportunity to try Indeed hydraluron moisture serum from Topbox in exchange for my honest opinion.
    I found there to be no scent to it which is fabulous because do we really need a scent to our moisturizers? Free from alcohols and it absorbs fairly quickly.
    I use it after cleanser, toner and before moisturizer.
    Over 2 weeks of use and my skin has a more even skin tone and looks radiant.

  4. Sylv

    I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.
    I use this serum in the morning with the Intense Moisture Lotion. These two product work very well together. I love how the serum is a clear gel that doesn’t have a scent to it. The packaging of this serum is very nice and compact. The bottle is soft in touch, which makes it enjoyable to use. This serum will most likely work for any skin type, even for super sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin and this serum doesn’t leave my skin irritated, red, or dry like some products do. Instead, this serum is gentle and does a good job at hydrating your skin. For the price I think it’s a good addition to your skincare routine.

  5. alysiarichards

    I’m still using this product and havent had a problem at all. It has helped alot with my skin issues,I will be buying this product when I’m done with this one. Definately with it.

  6. Angela Jones

    This hydration moisture serum is really easy to use, no scent and rubs into my skin flawlessly! Its clear and you only need a small amount, i put it on my face first before the other 2 products, lotion and booster, i found it acted as a primer first. A little goes a long way , i highly recommend this product. Thanks topbox! #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  7. Abby Elmaleh

    I received this the Hydraluron from TopCircle to try out and I love it!!! I use it everyday with the hydration booster from Indeed Laboratories. I’ve been using this product for awhile now and I’m very impressed with how it completely repaired the dryness on my face. I’m more confident using my foundation without the dryness of my skin being exposed. I definitely recommend purchasing this product!!!

    #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  8. Jodie Boyd

    LOVE this! I used this product in combination with other #IndeedLaboratories #skincare products and the results are excellent. I received this serum #freeproduct from TopBox Circle in exchange for an honest #review. My fine lines are diminished and my naso-labal folds are less defined. I also used this product on the tops of my hands and neck. My hands definitely give away my age but now they look like a fresh 30 year olds hands! #winner If you like #sulfatefree and #scentfree serums, this is for you!
    #vividteam #tryitwithtopbox #RealResultsIndeed #tryitwithtopboxcircle

  9. CrystalMyWorld

    This is my second product from Indeed Labs that Ive tried and Im not disappointed!! They make some awesome skin care products. I only had to use a tiny amount of serum & it went a long way. I felt almost a sense of tightening to the skin when dry and it wasnt greasy and it had a lightweight feel. I have been using this product for over a week now in the morning and before bed. Its now one of my go to products that I would highly recommend trying if you suffer from dry/dull/uneven skin tones or just need a little skin boost! The best part is its fragrant, oil, sulfate and Paraben free!! I received this #freeproduct from #topboxcircle to test and review.

  10. rosie

    This was a free product I received from TopBox. No scent, not sticky, but felt heavy on its own, once I applied a moisturizer the heavy feeling was gone. My skin texture did improve.

  11. Miranda Livingstone

    I received the @indeedlabs hydration booster as a #freeproduct from #topboxcircle. The product itself was silky smooth, had a very light scent and dried so quickly on my face. I used this product in the evening after I washed my face and used a toner. I used it for a week every evening in combination with the hydration booster(in the mornings) and I am so impressed with this product and how it made my face look and feel. I will continue to purchase and reccomend! #indeedlabs #tryitwithtopbox #vividteam

  12. Nancy

    This whole line is so amazing, I’m tempted to splurge myself once I run out. I received this product free courtesy of TopBox Circle for my honest opinion. Honestly, I love this so much. I wish I could slather this all over my body but of course there is only so much that can go around. I have sensitive skin so trying products for me can be a hit or miss but I love that my skin just absorbed all of this. You only need a little to cover your whole face, but beware that this dries really quickly so don’t get distracted!

  13. Katrina

    I received this product free from Topbox Circle in exchange for an honest review. I love this product! My skin is always so dry with a few patches of flakey itchy skin, so I’m always looking for something that is very hydrating. This product definitely delivers. A small pea size amount goes a long way, so this bottle will last a while. My skin is looking amazing! It’s smooth, soft and radiant. My skin has never looked this good. I incorporated this serum in my morning and night routines and usually apply before my moisturizer. I like that the product is fragrance free as I can sometimes be a little sensitive to some scents. This is a really great product!

  14. Jasmine

    I got this product free from topbox. I really enjoyed this moisture serum. I used it in my skin care routine day & night (right before my moisturizer) I found my skin more more hydrated. I would suggest indeed as starter skin care. The active ingredients are low but do the trick.

  15. Maxine

    I received this #freeproduct from toxbox circle & I actually enjoy using it. It’s very light weight. Dries fast. Doesn’t have a smell. I’ve used it for a few weeks now & noticed it helps a lot with my dry skin.

  16. staceym1517

    Thank you Top box for the opportunity to try Indeeds New hydraluron™ moisture serum. I have been using this day and night for the last two weeks and have found the texture of my skin more fine and less lines around my eyes. It’s super light weight and won’t flake under makeup. Overall I’m very happy and will be buying again #trywithtopbox#gotitfree#@indeedlabs

  17. Maxine

    I got this product for free from toxbox & I actually enjoy using it. It’s very light weight. Dries fast. Doesn’t have a smell. I’ve used it for a few weeks & noticed it helps a lot for my dry skin.

  18. Deanne

    indeed laboratories and #topboxcircle provided this #freeproduct in exchange for my honest review. This product soaks in to your skin so quickly. I love the moisture it provides and it is great for helping your moisturizer go further.

  19. Ashley

    I received this product from Topbox Circle for reviewing purposes. I have I included this in my AM & PM skincare routine and I love it so far! This might be the best serum I ever tried. It is clear and it has gel-like feeling but it does feel sticky or oily at all. A little pea size amount is all you need and it absorbs quickly into the skin. It leaves the skin feeling really smooth and hydrated. I have also used it with the intense moisture lotion. #freesample

  20. Waterloomom

    I have very dry skin & it gets worse during the winter months. I had been thinking of using @indeedlabs products for a while & I’m glad I did.
    I started using the serum last week & since then my skin feels hydrated & smooth. I apply it before applying the lotion every morning. It is very light & lasts the whole day!
    I love it & will definitely recommend it to my friends.

  21. Gloria Chow

    I’ve been combining the serum with the hydration booster for about 2 weeks now. I worked it into my night routine and have been loving how the serum glides on. I love that there is no scent to the the two products since i’m sensitive to some perfumes and it does not leave any residue/greasy feeling on my skin. Overall I really like this product and would purchase it. I received this as part of a trial fro m Topbox and indeed labs. #freeproduct

  22. Eve-Marie Minville

    I love this product that I got free from top box! I will buy again for sure. I have a super dry skin but when I put this on at night and in the morning my skin feels so hydrated! I was surprised that this wasn’t too sticky. I will buy again!

  23. Kayla

    I received this #freeproduct from Topbox circle. The consistency is more of an emulsion or lotion, not a serum. The delivery system in the squeeze tube is really nice but I didn’t notice much of a difference in my skin from the hyaluronic acid. Although for someone with more oily skin, this serum could be perfect and might work much better. I used this at night between my essence and my moisturizing cream. The price point is very reasonable and I would recommend it to someone with more combination or oily skin.

  24. Laura

    I received this product free for review from topbox circle. This was my favourite of the 3 products I received. I have been using hyaluronic acids on my skin for a long time and I find that they are very effective in helping my dry skin in combination with other moisturizing products. I like how this one had no scent and fairly few ingredients. I only needed a tiny bit so I can see one tube lasting quite a while. I used this every morning for about a month and it soaked into the skin very quickly, wasn’t irritaing and wore well under makeup. I would consider purchasing this again in the future.

  25. Fenglu

    The serum is so amazing. Just needs a small amount. My skin absorbs the serum very fast and it becomes super hydrated. #freeproduct, #freesample

  26. naerthes

    I had the opportunity to test out these products through topbox circle #free product. Ive been using it almost 3 weeks now and my skin looks and feels healthier than gives me that bit of a glow (which I love!) and I love that it’s free of parabens and sulfates and honestly everything it doesn’t have just makes this product even better!

  27. Jen

    I received this #freeproduct from #trywithtopbox. It has transformed my dry flaky skin to smooth, plump, even and hydrated. I would highly recommend this product!!! It is life changing and it feels weightless when applied.

  28. Anne

    I got this free to try and review from top box circle. I have dry and itchy skin. The hydraluron moisture booster serum is a non oily gel that I find lessens the appearance of fine lines and helps with moisture loss. I can somewhat feel a tightening sensation as it firms the skin. My skin feels soft after. I use it in the morning and before bedtime.

  29. alexfranchuk

    I was selected to try the HYDRALURON MOISTURE SERUM from TopBox for free in exchange for my honest opinion and I am hooked! The serum is a really cool gel consistency that spreads evenly and easily on the face and dries quickly. I use a pea size of serum in the morning and before bed and am super impressed with the results. My skin is dehydrated due to aging and I have fine line around my mouth and forehead. This stuff has helped moisturize and soften my skin. I have not broken out or had any blemishes when using the serum and I love that it is paraban free! The serum contains one of the purest forms of hyaluronic acid which can hold 1000 times its weight in water, which acts as a sponge. The moisture benefits are next level and have provided my skin with a dewy glow from within. This serum has changed my life and I will continue to use it and will absolutely recommend it to my family and friends!

  30. Tong

    I received this #freeproduct from Topbox Circle. After a week or so, my face looks shine and smooth. It doesn’t leave any greasy feeling. The skin absorbs the serum very fast.

  31. nazbazbeauty

    I received this product for free for reviewing purposes. I have been using it for the last few weeks and I love the way that it has been keeping my skin feeling hydrated, plump, and glowy. It absorbs into my skin very well and was really easy to use with other products. I put it on after I cleanse and tone my skin and I have been using it during my morning and nighttime skincare routine. I really enjoyed this serum and will continue using it.

  32. Vanessa

    My skin is so much more even since using this product. A little goes a long way which is awesome. It’s nice and absorbent and not at all sticky. I received this product for free from TopBox Circle in exchange for an honest review.

  33. Vanessa

    My skin is so much more even since using this product. A little goes a long way which is awesome. It’s nice and absorbent and not at all sticky.

  34. Amber

    I got this product free to try and review #freeproduct . I like that you only need a tiny amount and it really glides on the skin nicely and absorbs well. I mix it with the hydration booster and I feel like it gives me a very nice moisture level to my skin with out any stickiness. It’s scentless and made with good quality ingredients. I would use this ongoing. I haven’t noticed any reduction in lines but the moisture level is there for sure.

  35. Nicole Michael

    Received this product through a top box mission.

    I really like this product, I find a little goes a long way! The coverage is great, and best of all it doesn’t leave your skin feeling heavy or greasy alike other face hydration creams. I also liked that it has a very subtle smell, and uses fine ingredients for sensitive skin! It works best under my foundation!

    #freeproduct #tryitwithtopbox #indeedlabs

  36. Claudette Faulkner

    #vividteam #indeedlabs @indeedlabs
    I’m a 50 year old woman with mega dry skin and I’ve been researching different skin ingredients for years . The hydrochloric acid in this serum is definitely an approved ingredient for me. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and It definitely helps with the glow factor! I’m going to continue to use it for three months and see what amazing things it can do for my skin.

  37. Sara Zuccato

    I received the hydraluron moisture serum as a #freeproduct from Topbox Circle. I have been using this serum daily and I have never felt my face feel so hydrated and smooth before. I always had dry skin and by the afternoon I’d feel like my moisturizer I was using wasn’t working. I do not have a problem with this one. It lasts all day long. Love it!!

  38. Yesmy

    This is my first serum and I have decided recently to add to my skincare routine and I absolutetly love it. I love how it does not feel at all oily, it’s very light weight and it’s very refreshing to my skin. I use this product on a daily basis in the morning (for my morning skincare routine) and at night (for my night time routine). After applying it on my face I definitely feel some skin tightening going on and it leaves my skin looking more radiant. This product is also fragrance free. I feel like these products work best if you combine them so I use this before applying the hydraluron intense moisture lotion. #freeproduct

  39. O.S.

    I was given the opportunity to test and review the Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron Moisture Serum in exchange for my honest opinion. The #serum has a thick gel consistency that makes it easy to apply on your #skin. It is a #fragrancefree #skincare product that glides on your skin and is quickly absorbed. A #lightweight formula that is not tacky. I found that a little goes a long way. The #hyaluronicacid gave my #skin the added moisture it needed to feel completely hydrated. My #skin looks healthy with that unmistakable radiant glow. I like how soft my #skin feels to the touch. My #skin doesn’t feel weighed down or tight. This #indeedlaboratories #serum has breathed new life into my cold weather tired #skin. It is ideal for all #skin types. After a refreshing cleansing it is the next step in my morning and nighttime #skincare routine. I am pleased to know that this #serum is #oilfree, #siliconefree, #phthalatefree, #sulfatefree, #parabenfree, #colourantfree, free from drying alcohols and mineral oil-free. It has everything you want in a #skincare product without any of the harmful chemicals. Thank you @topbox Circle and @indeedlabs for the opportunity to join the #RealResultsIndeed campaign! #trywithtopbox #gotitfree #freeproduct #ad #topbox #topboxcircle #skincare #serum

  40. GlamGirl2019

    I recently had the opportunity to try Hydraluron Moisture Serum by Indeed Laboratories thanks to Topbox Circle #freeproduct and I’m genuinely thrilled with the results. I have used it for over two weeks, alone, and with other Indeed moisture products as well as under makeup and bb cream. The texture is like a light gel and absorbs INSTANTLY. It’s perfect as a base for makeup. You only need a very small amount. Absolutely no stickiness or residue. I haven’t had any negative reactions whatsoever. I actively search for products that are free of sulfates, paraben, fragrances and colours and thankfully this serum from Indeed has none of these. My skin is VISIBLY softer, smoother, plumper and my fine lines are almost gone completely. My skin is so healthy and hydrated looking, if I do say so myself! I would recommend this moisture product for anyone who wants all of the benefits of a hydraluron serum without any of the harsh chemicals most other moisture products have. I had fine lines and very dry skin after a long harsh winter. I am really pleased with how my skin is now and I will continue to use Indeed products.

    #vividteam #indeedlabs @indeedlabs

  41. Randi

    I received the Hydraluron moisture serum to sample. I’ve been using it morning and night for the past few weeks. A very small amount (as it goes a long way) mixed with hydration booster. I really like its light texture, and it leaves my skin looking less dull and deeply moisturized. My skin being sensitive, I really like the fact that it is sent free. I will for sure continue using this product after my sample is done.
    #ad #freesample #trywithtopbox #indeedlabs

  42. Jasmine

    I got this product for free from Topbox in exchange for my review. This is my first time using a serum and other products in a set skin care routine. I’ve been using the products for about 2 weeks now and am so happy with the results so far. The Serum is a nice gel like texture, it looks like it would be sticky but isn’t. All you need is a pea sized amount like it says and it covers your whole face super easily. It absorbs pretty quickly, leaving my skin feeling nice and soft, and ready for the next step.
    #trywithtopbox #freeproduct #ad

  43. Rachael Smith

    I have very dry skin, and this serum felt very nice on the skin. I don’t use a lot, just a pea sized amount for the whole face and it does it’s job. I didn’t get any reaction (or more dryness) from this product, and it’s nice that it is unscented, but I also didn’t see immediate amazing changes either. It works well, felt nice, and hydrated my skin but I need to keep up use or my skin returns dry once again pretty quickly.

    ** I received this product from TopBox for testing and reviewing purposes**

  44. Tac

    I have received this product for review from Topbox. I believe this moisture serum helps my dry skin, making it look hydrated and bright. I also really like the clear gel consistency. I feel like there could be a little bit more product but a little bit goes a long way. #freeproduct

  45. Judy

    I used this product AM and PM. It was very easy to apply since it is a gel. There is no odor and it absorbed very quickly so I could move on to a booster and moisturizer. I am very happy with my overall complexion after less than two weeks

  46. Chelsea Churchill

    This is the first time I’ve ever used a serum and am so happy I was able to receive it as a #freeproduct from #topbox. I love that the product has little fragrance and applies smoothly. My skin has always been pretty dry and this has made it feel so hydrated and smooth. I’ve been using it in the morning and at bedtime after washing my face. I love adding this to me skin care routine and will be purchasing it to use in the future!

  47. Monica Lara

    I wasn’t sure if it was working in the beginning , but after a few days it made a huge difference in the look and feel of my skin. I have really sensitive skin and had no issues with it. Great product. Leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth use it with the hydration booster and the hydraluron intense moisture lotion. Both morning and night. Definitely recommend this product. #tryitwithtopbox #vividteam #indeedlabs @indeedlabs

  48. Mandy K

    Thanks a bunch to topbox for the #freeproduct . How I like use this product is in between days when I scrub and face mask days after that routine just apply pea sized amount with any but salicylic acid free moisturizer , for best results. On the other hand for regular uses It’s perfect for Am to pm use ,highly recommend this product to anybody with dehydrated skin , perfectly absorbes into skin leaves skin glowing the next morning/day . Love it

  49. Helen Klassen

    I received this #freeproduct from Topbox Circle and cannot stop raving about it to all my friends. Honestly my newest favourite product!!! I love the refreshing sensation it leaves on my skin. Its light and absorbs easily with only a few drops. I apply it followed by a moisturizer and my skin feels positively spa-like. I have such dry skin year round so this find is doing great things for my face!

  50. roxanne

    I am one of the lucky one that had the chance to try this product with topbox #freesample! I have been using this for more than a week and you can see the difference my skin is smoother and look already amazing! I have been using this twice a day, morning and before bed. i mix my moisture serum with my hydration booster then apply my moisture lotion and my skin have never felt better. There is no scent to this product so it is amazing for sensitive skin.

  51. Alexandra V.

    I have received this product from TopBox Circle for my honest opinion and here’s what I think: Good product, but I expected more hydratation from it. It’s smooth, perfectly unscented, fast absorbs, very good for sensitive skin and well, it’s giving some hydratation to the skin. But, I tought (from what i read about it) that it would be more hydrating than what I got has results. But, it’s still doing a correct job as well at any time of the day. #freeproduct

  52. claudettesavoie43

    This is my 3rd Indeed Lab product. This is game changer, I put the serum on before my hydrating cream at night, and it give you the most hydrated skin ever. Makeup also goes smoothly. I’m 57 and this has changed my skin so much, it’s brighter, more hydrated and very well tolerated on my sensitive, red skin. Love it xx

  53. Brenda

    I received this #freeproduct from topbox. There is no scent which is nice. The feel of this product on my skin is amazing. It quickly absorbs into my skin. The effects of these products on my skin are amazing. My skin is smoother and has a more even tone. I don’t think I can put into words how amazing these products are. I am so excited to see the effects after using this for a few more weeks. Love, love this product!

  54. Amanda McGahon

    I was so excited to have been chosen through Topbox Circle to try indeed Laboratories hydraluron moisture serum in exchange for my honest review. This is by far the most amazing serum I have ever tried and will definitely be purchasing in the future! Just a little goes a long way with this product! As the packaging states, I have been applying a pea sized amount after I wash my face in the mornings and evenings before bed, followed by the intense moisture lotion mixed with the booster. My face feels wonderful after just over a week of use, so hydrated and super soft with a glow! The serum is non- greasy, dries quickly and has zero scent which is great for folks like me with sensitive skin. I feel as if I am pampering myself each day with indeed’s skin friendly products and my skin loves them as much as I do! Highly recommend! #freeproduct

  55. Stephiee

    Love this product. Glides on smooth and works well under make-up. It has now become my holy grail serum. A little goes a long way and seems to deeply moisturizes my dry skin. Definitely recommend. Glad I got to try this #freeproduct.

  56. kristy edgington

    I got this free to try from topbox #gotitfree. I have been using the serum for 2 weeks now, I use a pea size, as recommended, morning and night. I find my dry skin is left looking soft and glowing, amazing. I love that it is fragrance free and anti aging as well! I also found the serum didnt leave a greasy feeling to my skin after use like some other products I have tried in the past. Will continue to use the indeed products as they are easy to use and a fair price as well #vividteam #indeedlabs #trywithtopbox


    You cannot have nice skin without hyaluronic acid. This gel like texture is amazing and soaks in so nicely. I got this as a #freeproduct to try but would gladly pay for this product again. Definitely a holy grail

  58. Brigitta Bajcsev

    This is my new to go moisterizer. I have a really dry skin and this product works amazing. I also use the booster every day. They are a really good comibination. #freeproduct

  59. Erica

    My skin is VERY dry right now with lots of excema patches. I applied the serum very liberally and used along with the lotion and unfortunately didn’t see a major improvement. The serum was very drying for me. I will try this again when my skin isn’t too extreme. I received this product for free for review.

  60. Mia Lioni Hasmik

    I received Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Serum free from Topbox Circle #vividteam #indeedlabs @indeedlabs #trywithtopbox #freeproduct #freesample #ad Thank you.
    Thanks to its hyaluronic acid this serum is so hydrating and moisturizing. And I also love the fact that I can use that as a hydrating primer as well. It absorbs very quick and doesn’t leave any sticky residues (which, sometimes, some serums do). Overall, I am very satisfied with this serum. I would recommend that to all my relatives and friends.

  61. Marisacb

    This is an amazing hyaluronic acid serum. It’s lightweight and immediately plumps up and hydrates my dry skin. The gel texture is also nice and refreshing. I receive this product for free for review purposes.

  62. waili

    After I use it for a few days, I can see the difference. My skin looks smoother and doesn’t feel dryness any more. I would recommend to those who have the dry skin like me. #freeproduct

  63. Sara Malcovich

    I am really loving this facial serum.
    – It is fragrance free
    – A pea size amount is really all you need!
    -The gel absorbs quickly into the skin
    – It dries a little fast so work quickly smoothing it in
    Overall I have noticed much softer skin and a nice glow. I have been using this in the morning and at night in addition to the hydration booster and moisture lotion. Thank you for the #freeproduct @topbox and @indeedlabs.
    All opinions are my own.


    Je m’attendais à ce que le sérum ait une texture plus liquide, mais j’aime beaucoup le fait qu’il ait une texture gel. Cela permet une meilleure application et une plus grande précision lors de l’application, lorsqu’on veut atteindre un endroit ciblé. Tout de suite après l’application, on sent déjà que la peua a une texture plus douce. Je l’utilise matin et soir pour un meilleur effet. #trywithtopbox #freeproduct #freesample #Topboxcircle #vividteam #indeedlabs @indeedlabs

  65. Jennifer Roberts

    I so love this product and this step in my skin care regime . The product is scent free which I love and is great for anyone with any sensitivities. My skin felt soft and subtle as I applied it and it does not leave a sticky or greasy feeling. I would recommend this product to other. #freeproduct #vividteam #indeedlabs #trywithtopbox

  66. kathy downey

    I received this product Indeed – Hydraluron Serum for free to test and review from Topbox.
    This serum is a clear gel that comes in a 30ml tube, it’s also fragrance free. A pea size amount will be plenty to do your whole face, use sparingly. The gel absorbs effortlessly into the skin and blends well. Please note this is super fast drying when applying so work quickly. I did see a noticeable difference. My skin improved, it feels so much more smooth and soft, the roughness disappeared.Skin is also left with a revitalised look and a more radiant glow. I’ve used this both morning and night with great results.I will gladly recommend to my dear family and friends. Thanks to Hydraluron my face looks brighter and hydrated.
    #trywithtopbox #freeproduct #freesample #Topboxcircle #vividteam #indeedlabs @indeedlabs

  67. Kim

    I am in love with this product and this step in my skin care routine. The product is scent free which I love and is great for anyone with any sensitivities. My skin soaked this up as soon as I applied it and it does not leave a sticky or greasy feeling. I would recommend this product to other. #freeproduct #vividteam #indeedlabs #trywithtopbox

  68. Karlen

    A little really goes a long way. I’m happy this product will last me a long time. I used it at night and in morning and my skin felt great.
    I received this product from #trywithtopbox #gotirfree

  69. Megan

    Overall I did like this serum. A little bit goes a long way!! It soaks in keeping ND of slowly though and has a kind of weird smell to it. I used it before bed and my skills n feels plumper for sure!! I got this through #topboxcircle and indeed laboratories for this #freeproduct.

  70. LRinaL

    I received the indeed Laboratories hydraluron moisture serum courtesy of topboxcircle in exchange for my honest and unbiased review #gotitfree.

    I have combination skin but during this winter my cheeks have become very dry and flakey. The hydraluron moisture serum is said to reduce skin dehydration by boosting moisture under the skin and maintaining it. The serum comes in the form of a tube in a thick clear gel like consistency and has no scent.

    The instructions said to use a pea size amount and a little goes long way. My skin quickly drank this up and it did not leave any greasy feeling. I used this am and pm and follow up with the indeed moisture lotion and skin booster.

    I did not break out from using this moisture serum and I really liked it a lot. I will purchase this again and will definitely recommend this.

  71. zukewichbrittaney

    I used this product in the am and pm. Initially I noticed a slight burning on my skin when applying, which stopped after day 3. The package makes application easy. Use of a pea size amount of product worked well at first but over time I noted I required less to cover the same area. Please note this is super fast drying when applying so be prepared to act quickly. I’d recommend this product to anyone as it leaves your face with a soft dewy glow.

  72. Stephanie Chamberlain

    I received this product free of charge #ad in exchange for my honest review. I have been using this booster for a few days now and I am in love ! I put a drop on my face and neck before the moisturizer and I’ve noticed a huge difference my face feels so moisturized and less dull! I recommend you try this if your skin is dry.

  73. corsillomelisa

    That’s always the scariest step for me because Hyaluronic Acid always seem to dry out even more my skin. I really like its clear, light, gel-like texture. It feels like you have nothing on! Once you combine this one with the two others, it feels really good. No dryness noted whatsoever. Also, you only need to use a little size amount for your whole face, which is always nice! I don’t like when my face feels heavy from adding products on top of eachother. #freeproduct

  74. Jessica cyr

    Hands down legit the best moisture booster! My skin feels firm & refreshed! No more dryness! For accurate results continue to use! #freeproduct

  75. Jessica cyr

    This hydraluron moisturer booster serum is literaly hands down the best! I actually use this with the hydration booster, & it helps my skin feeling plump soft and brand new! No more dryness ! #freeproduct

  76. Elizabeth

    Not the biggest fan of this lotion. I got to try it with Topbox and it was not my favourite. I find it leaves a grainy feeling on my face and makes my skin feel tight. I’ve been using it every morning and haven’t seen much of a difference.

  77. vmc.nessa45

    Hydraluron serum is great
    I only needed a tiny pea sized amount
    And I applied it to fresh clean slightly damp skin instantly hydrated & plumps my skin, before applying my moisturizer..very soothing on my skin and I had no’s a nice gel
    Like texture, I use it morning and night
    I was sent this try review from top box
    For my honest opinion

  78. Brittaney Pregizer

    Used this product in the am and pm. I noticed that it initially burned slightly on my skin, however it stopped after day 3. Over consistant uses I noted I used less product. Please note that this is super fast drying so work into skin quickly. Thankfully the packaging makes application size suggestions easy to dispense and use. It definitely leaves a dewy skin feel on my face.

  79. Ekin

    I have sensative skin and I’m so glad I got try try this, it’s so good and I actually saw a difference in my skin #freeproduct

  80. Eks

    I’ve been using this product for a couple days and I’ve already been seeing results, my face looks like I’ve been drinking water all day! It’s so good and gives great glow! Thanks to topbox for sending this product for me to try out

  81. Kirsten

    Love this product so much! In just a few days this product gives me naturally soft glowing skin, better than any highlighter!

  82. Jessica cyr

    This product is beyond amazing! Gives that extra plumping effect along with a little bit a hydration! Overall a great product #freeproduct

  83. Bridget Pullen

    This serum is the best i’ve used in a long time. Just one week into using it….great results.

  84. Jessalyn

    I live for this! I’ve been using this along with the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly and my skin is literally so hydrated! I have especially dry skin around my eyes and this not only takes away the dryness but it also does not hurt my skin one bit. Obsessed with this product!

  85. Anna B

    Love this product !!! Skin feels hydrated 🙂

  86. Andrea D

    Loooooooooove this so much! My skin is so soft smooth and hydrated! Buy this product!!!!!

  87. Jillian

    I love this product! My skin used to go back and forth between being really dry or too oily. But this product has completely balanced out skin and keeps it smooth and soft.

  88. Katie M

    I have been using this product with the hydraluron moisture jelly and I have already started to notice a difference in my skin. I have tried tons of different skin products for dry skin and I feel like this really works. It keeps my skin feeling hydrated both on and under the surface. Will recommend this to my friends for sure!!

  89. Ashley

    Totally in love with this product. I am so happy I found this and am looking forward to having a go-to skincare line!

  90. Holly

    I have acne-prone and sensitive skin, therefore I am very selective with which products I use. Thankfully, this product has been amazing!!! It is lightweight, oil free and super hydrating! I use it with the hydraluron moisture jelly every morning and night and it has completely revived my dehydrated skin! Wouldn’t go a day without it!

  91. Caroline Bettez (verified owner)

    Hydraluron is my favorite product because it is light and it really plumps my skin. You can instantlty see and feel a difference. I also really like 10balm before bedtime. I wake up with my skin looking rested and with less redness. I order my product directly from Indeed since drugstores where I live don’t have their products anymore. The shipping is really fast. I really give them five stars!

  92. Laura E

    I absolutely love this product! I am usually quite nervous to try new products, as my skin is very dry and sensitive. However, this serum is super gentle on my face. I love the way this product gives my skin a soft and dewy appearance, and gives moisture to my skin without leaving an oily residue. I apply it every morning under my inDefense30 moisturizer and it keeps my face hydrated all day long. Also, a little goes a long way! Only a small amount of product is necessary to cover my entire face and neck! I definitely recommend this serum! I don’t know what I did without it.

  93. Coty Tucker

    This is the best moisture serum I’ve used! A little goes a long way, one drop gets my whole face and neck. I use it at night before bed and in the morning my skin feels so plump and velvety smooth and soft!!
    10/10 would buy again. I’m also interested to see if the hydraluron lotion works just as well

  94. Rebecca Snyder

    Absolutely life changing. I suffer from both eczema and psoriasis. I have very dry (sometimes dehydrated) sensitive skin. This is the only product I have had zero reaction (irritation) too, and had instant results. No other product can compare – (besides the Hydraluron full range, duh!) and is seriously, seriously life giving and changing !!

    You rock, don’t ever change !! ❤️❤️❤️

  95. beth.mceachern (verified owner)

    I love pairing this serum under my day and night moisturizers for an extra boost of hydration, but it’s super lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. This is a go to product for me all year around and it fits in well with my regular routine. I definitely recommend this for everyone to boost hydration, softness and resilience of your skin!

  96. Hanna

    I’ve gone through about 3 tubes of it and I always make sure I have back-up. I’m not sure how I survived without hyaluronic acid and especially hydraluron before. I use it before my moisturizing serum and it helps to absorb it so well, leaving my skin plump and happy !

  97. Cristina

    My skin loves this stuff! Minimal ingredients means my face doesn’t break out from it and maximum potency. I have tried other hydrating serums and this takes the cake… and eats it too!!

  98. Kate Ballamy

    My personal favourite is hydraluron serum, this has worked so well with my dry skin, I’ve been using it ever night and my skin feels a lot more hydrated. Also a little product goes a long way with this!

  99. Hannah English-ms_hannah_e

    Hydraluron is my faaavourite for hydrating!

  100. Kate

    At first I wasn’t sure if it was working, but after a few weeks it made a big difference in the look and feel of my skin. I have really sensitive skin and had no issues with it. Love this product!!

  101. Makeup By Sehar

    Great product. It is light weight but packs a punch. I use it with my moisturizers at night time for deep hydration and under my sunscreen during the day. I have oily to combination skin and I think it works great keeping my skin hydrated but not making it oily.

  102. Amy Kucher

    This is the only serum that deeply moisturizes my dry sensitive skin. I tried going back to some high-end serums (estee lauder, drunk elephant, etc) but they don’t moisturize as well as this serum. More bang for my bucks with this one

  103. Toni G


  104. Monika Huber

    Hold moisture and helps make skin younger looking

  105. Stacey Davidson

    This is a great way to boost your skin’s hydration. It sits nicely under lotion to give an extra plumping effect. I especially like it for days when I am feeling tired.

  106. Justine Shinn

    This product really does attract moisture to the skin. I am amazed at how soft my skin is only after a week or so of using this product. It is definitely one of my new “go to” skin products.

  107. Cathy Trajkovski

    Love this product! It leaves my skin feeling plump and super hydrated.

  108. Cathy Trajkovski

    Greatest product ever! I can’t imagine a day without it. My skin feels so hydrated…like it had a huge glass of water!!

  109. Amanda Werig

    Love this! Can be without it!

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