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phthalate-free sulfate-free paraben-free fragrance-free colourant-free free from drying alcohols mineral oil-free

hydraluron™ intense moisture lotion

Triple Action Hydration and Protection

An advanced moisture complex formulated with a unique blend of high, medium and low molecular weights of hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate to create a multi-layer, long-lasting moisture barrier for your skin. Also, packed with three key minerals; copper, magnesium and zinc, hydraluron™ intense moisture lotion protects skin from environmental damage. This triple action moisturizer provides intense hydration using superstar ingredients to leave parched skin looking and feeling plumped, smooth and hydrated. Paraben, colourant and fragrance free.

Size: 1.0 fl oz/30 ml

(88 customer reviews)

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How to Use

Apply a pea-sized amount to a cleansed face and neck in the morning and evening. Use daily for optimal results.


  • Provides a multi-layer, long-lasting moisture barrier
  • Protects skin against the abuse of the elements
  • Leaves parched skin looking and feeling plumped, smooth and hydrated
  • Promotes collagen formulation and boosts elasticity
  • Decreases the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging
  • Restores skin’s balance for a more youthful appearance

Key Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid: High, medium and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a sugar naturally found in the body that absorbs water like a sponge leaving skin fuller, plumper and glowing. This high-level hydrating substance holds 1000x its weight in water helping skin to retain collagen, increase moisture and enhance elasticity. The smaller molecules penetrate deeper into the skin, while the larger molecules sit on the surface, ensuring the skin is hydrated on all levels.

Sepitonic M3: A powerful multi-mineral energizer that includes copper, magnesium and zinc. These minerals help improve circulation to increase oxygen levels and protect the skin against free radical damage and glycation while restoring the skin’s balance for a more youthful appearance. Sepitonic M3 acts as a bioenergizer for clear, fresh skin.

Squalane: High purity vegetable, olive sourced emollient that replenishes fatty acids and moisturizes, softens and smooths the skin.


(88 customer reviews)

88 reviews for hydraluron™ intense moisture lotion

  1. krista metcalfe

    I really loved this moisturizer, I found it made my skin soft, smooth and fit well into my day to day routine. The only thing about this product I would improve on is the pump, I found it didn’t work very well. I would definitely recommend this product to others. #freeproduct

  2. Tina

    I got the hydraluron™ intense moisture lotion as part of a promotion from topbox circle, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. I’ve been using the product for a few weeks now and wanted to give it some time before reviewing. I love that you only need to use such a small amount so the bottle goes a long way. It left my skin feeling super smooth and hydrated for sure!Initially I thought the cream felt a little heavy but after a minute or so my skin felt lighter and moisturized without the heavy feeling. I’ve always had dryer skin, especially my skin, and around my nose where no foundation ever looked good. Since using this product my skin is not dry and my foundation goes on so much smoother! I used this on combination with 2 other indeed lab products and the combo was amazing for my skin. This 1/3 was probably my least favorite if I had to pick only 1 but the combo was really good.

  3. Densmom_reviews

    I received the opportunity to try Indeed hydraluron moisture serum from Topbox in exchange for my honest opinion.
    I found there to be no scent to it which is fantastic! We use so many scented products on the daily already. It absorbs quickly without that greasy feeling. Does not require a lot of product, however it is more than the pea sized amount stated on the bottle.
    I use it after my cleanser, toner, serum and mix it with the Indeed Hydration booster.

  4. alysiarichards

    I have super dry skin and have tried many lotions that havent worked at all but this one so far has left my skin smooth and moistened. And it doesn’t feel greasy afterwards. #freewithtopbox

  5. Sylv

    I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.
    I have very sensitive skin and many moisturizers cause me to break out, but not this one. I love how gentle this lotion is and how it does not contain any fragrance. My favourite thing about this lotion is that it does not leave my skin feeling greasy. The lotion leaves the skin with a comfortable finish that is very moisturizing and great to use under makeup. The lotion comes in a nice pump bottle, which is easy to use and keeps the product inside sterile. All you need is two pumps of moisturizer in the morning and you are set for the day!

  6. Angela Jones

    I love love love this product! I used this along with the booster and after the serum, the two combined made my skin feel so soft and very moisturized. Only need a small amount, which is amazing, i used it on my forehead, face and neck, my skin isnt itchy or dry anymore, i would highly recommend this product along with the booster and serum. Thanks to topbox for allowing me to try out your wonderful line of moisturizers. #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  7. Abby Elmaleh

    I received the Hydraluron intense moisture lotion by Indeed Laboratories from TopBoxCircle to try out and this moisturizer does not disappoint. I use it all the time and never leave the house without it. It has kept my skin feeling smooth, fresh and rejuvenated. The dryness on my face has completely gone away. I highly recommend giving this moisturizer a try, you won’t be disappointed.

    #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  8. Jodie Boyd

    Another #winner for my #skincare routine (I now have one! lol) I received this #freeproduct from #TopboxCircle. This is my favourite product out of the 3 I tried. My skin is like velvet! No more flakey patches for this dry skinned individual. This lotion contains sodium hyaluronate which helps skin to maintain skin’s moisture barrier. I can’t stop touching my face. My skin is so soft. Love this one.
    #tryitwithtopbox #vividteam #indeedlabs

  9. CrystalMyWorld

    As someone with dry skin I really appreciated this product. I really only had to use a tiny bit & it went a long way. It wasnt greasy like other products I tried & I could really feel it moisturizing into my skin & hydrating it. I LOVE that there is no smell and its free of Parabens as well as Sulfate. I never heard of this product before until I received the #freeproducts from #topboxcircle to test & review. Its only been a week using it & im hopeful this is the right product for me to restore the moisture that I need.

  10. rosie

    This was a free product I received from TopBox. Has no scent, no greasy feeling, light, absorbs quickly. I have to use 2-3 pumps to cover my face. I noticed my skin looks smooth and young.

  11. Miranda livingstone

    I received the @indeedlabs hydraluron intense moisture serum as a #freeproduct from #topboxcircle. The product itself was silky smooth, had a very light scent and dried so quickly on my face. I used this product mixed with a little bit of my regular foundation to make my own BB cream. I am so impressed with how well it mixed with my foundation and made my skin feel hydrated and not sticky. It made my face glow and feel so great. I will definitely purchase this product in the future! #indeedlabs #tryitwithtopbox #vividteam

  12. Miranda Livingstone

    I received the @indeedlabs hydration moisture serum as a #freeproduct from #topboxcircle. The product itself was silky smooth, had a very light scent and dried so quickly on my face. I used this product in the evening after I washed my face and used a toner. I used it for a week every evening in combination with the hydration booster(in the mornings) and I am so impressed with this product and how it made my face look and feel. I will continue to purchase and reccomend! #indeedlabs #tryitwithtopbox #vividteam

  13. Miranda Livingstone

    I received the @indeedlabs hydration booster as a #freeproduct from #topboxcircle. The product itself was silky smooth, had a very light scent and dried so quickly on my face. I used this product in the evening after I washed my face and used a toner. I used it for a week every evening in combination with the hydration booster(in the mornings) and I am so impressed with this product and how it made my face look and feel. I will continue to purchase and reccomend! #indeedlabs #tryitwithtopbox #vividteam

  14. Nancuy

    Ehhh. I received this product free courtesy of TopBox Circle for my honest opinion. Honestly, this is okay. I feel like you can get a better moisturizer at this price point because there isn’t much product so you’d go through this really quickly. My skin is pretty dry all year round but I feel like this just didn’t do it’s job? It definitely works, not going to lie. But at the same time I think it just delivers an average amount of moisture.

  15. Katrina

    I received this product free from Topbox Circle in exchange for an honest review. This intense moisture lotion is everything! My skin is extremely dry with a few flakey patches so I’m always looking for a product that will help restore the hydration in my skin. This lotion definitely helps my with that. This product has a creamy lotion consistency but goes on really light and absorbed well into my skin. I have started to put this product on my neck as well as my face and I’m already loving the results. My skin looks hydrated glowing and incredibly healthy. I noticed the skin on my neck is looking tighter, smooth and younger after a couple of weeks using this product. It’s fragrance free which I love, as I can be sensitive to some scents. My only complaint is I wish it came in a bigger bottle so I can use it on my body as well, but overall fantastic product!

  16. Jasmine

    I got this product free from topbox. I really enjoyed this moisturizer. I used it in my skin care routine as a day cream.I found my skin appeared more hydrated. I introduced this one at a time to see how they worked on their own but found as a trio they work best.
    I would suggest indeed as starter skin care. The active ingredients are low but do the trick.

  17. staceym1517

    I have received Indeeds hydraluron intense moisture lotion through Top Box Circle. I was instantly impressed by the way it made my skin after application. The lotion is super light weight and makes skin feel smooth and silky. I have been using for two weeks and I notice a difference in the fine lines around my mouth area caused by smoking. #gotitfree#topbox

  18. Maxine

    When I’m done using the serum & the booster the lotion makes everything come together. My face is so smooth. And it’s good to go for the whole day without having to reapply other lotions #freeproduct from top box

  19. Deanne

    indeed laboratories and #topboxcircle provided this #freeproduct in exchange for my honest review. I love this moisturizer! The applicator is so convenient and then formula is creamy and thick. My only complaint is I wish the bottle was bigger!

  20. Ashley

    I received this product from Topbox Circle for reviewing purposes. I have included this into my morning and night time skincare routine. So far, I am loving the results! A little product goes a long way and I like that it includes a pump so not too much comes out. The consistency is a little thick but does not feel oily or too heavy. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized all day. I have used this before applying foundation and it made my skin look very smooth without looking cakey. #freesample

  21. Waterloomom

    I have very dry skin & it gets worse during the winter months. I had been thinking of using @indeedlabs products for a while & I’m glad I did.
    I started using the lotion last week & since then my skin feels hydrated & smooth. I apply it after applying the serum every morning. It is very light & lasts the whole day!
    I love it & will definitely recommend it to my friends.

  22. Gloria Chow

    I like how this lotion is more of a cream consistency, but absorbs like a lotion and doesn’t have a greasy feel afterwards. I love how the product is scent free as i’m a bit sensitive to perfumes. I have been using this as my night routine with the serum and hydration booster. I love the results since I’ve noticed over the winter my skin was dull and a bit flaky. Using this routine has corrected my skin. I got this as a trial from Topbox Circle and indeed labs. #freeproduct.

  23. Alexandra V.

    I received this product from TopBox Circle for my honest opinion and here’s what I think: it’s a nice one.

    The cream is light, creamy and almost perfectly unscented. It works well for people with sensitive skin and with a fast absorption, this cream makes it feel good to use. Also, no heaviness feeling in the minutes after using it. Felt that my skin was light and more hydrated after some days of use. The only thing that bothers me with it is about the bottle: the pump didn’t give enough of cream to my liking, just a little amount. Could be better.

    But unless that, i recommend it.

  24. Eve-Marie Minville

    This product is an absolute must have! I tried it with top box, I have a really dry skin and it helped me so much. I put this cream twice a day, and it helps me prevent all the dryness and dullness. My skin doesn’t feel too sticky and it’s one of the rare creams that don’t give me acne. I definitly recommend it

  25. Kayla

    I received this #freeproduct from Topbox circle. I used this lotion as my day moisturizer and the price point is very reasonable and I would recommend it as a day lotion for anyone with normal or combination skin. Because my skin is normal to dry, it wasn’t moisturizing enough for me but the delivery system is really sanitary and convenient and I could see it working for someone with a different skin type.

  26. Laura

    I received this free for review from topbox circle. I really liked the pump packaging of this product and that it is from a Canadian skin care company. I usually prefer to layer serums with more active ingredients for my skincare routine rather than use a cream moisturizer, but this one was fine to use. I usually have fairly dry skin with some redness and I found that this moisturizer did help a bit with the dryness, but didnt have any lasting effects. I used it every morning for about a month. I think it works well with the other products in this line. I did find it pilled a bit under my makeup some days, but it may be because I hadn’t left it long enough to sink in fully.

  27. Fenglu

    The lotion is so amazing. I use it twice a day. It absorbs instantly. Works great on my dry and dull skin. #freeproduct, #freesample

  28. Jen

    I received this amazing #freeproduct from #trywithtopbox. I absolutely love it. It leaves my skin feeling weightless, even and hydrated. I would absolutely recommend this amazing moisturizer. It has transformed my usually dry skin to healthy, hydrated and glowing!!!

  29. Anne

    I got this free to try and review from top box circle. The hydraluron intense moisture lotion is fragrance-free, it comes in a pump dispenser making it easy not to use a lot of the product. I use this after the booster and serum in the morning and before bedtime. I have dry and itchy skin and find that it helped with hydrating my skin and looking fresh while giving a nice glow resulting in improved skin tone.

  30. alexfranchuk

    I was selected to try the HYDRALURON INTENSE MOISTURE LOTION for free from TopBox and it’s an incredible and effective lotion! I have dull, dehydrated skin due to aging and this stuff has worked wonders. I apply a pea sized amount day and night and have noticed smooth and hydrated skin. This revolutionary lotion uses a range of molecular hyaluronic acid weights in order to hydrate all layers of the skin. I did not notice any breakouts or blemishes when using this lotion and it works well under makeup. My favourite part about this lotion is that it contains copper, zinc and magnesium in order to help and combat environmental damage. I love knowing that I have added protection. My only complaint is the size of the lotion is very small. I can’t see it lasting long enough to be worth the price, regardless of how effective it is.

  31. Tong

    I received this #freeproduct from Topbox Circle. My face looks hydrated and soft. It doesn’t leave any sticky feeling. The skin absorbs the lotion very fast. I will highly recommend it.

  32. nazbazbeauty

    I received this product free for reviewing purposes. I have been testing it out for the last few weeks and I have really been enjoying it. It worked very well to help my skin feel hydrated, glowy, and plump and I would use it to moisturize my skin during my morning and evening skincare routine. I woke up with hydrated, dewy skin and I was impressed at how long it kept my skin feeling plump and smooth. I will definitely continue using this product.

  33. Vanessa

    Love how this gets absorbed into the skin so quickly and has a super intense hydrating effect. It makes my skin feel soft and look so youthful. A little goes a long way. Light weight and not scented weigh is awesome. I received this product for free from TopBox Circle in exchange for an honest review.

  34. Amber

    I love this product! I got it free to try and I’m so glad I did. #freeproduct I love the quality of ingredients without all the harsh stuff in it. It is so light weight yet I get a real sense of moisture from this. I will continue to use it. I haven’t noticed a reduction in Lines but I love that I know I am giving my skin a treat when I put this on

  35. Nicole Michael

    I recently received this product from a top box mission, at first glance I love the look of it. No heavy smells which is nice for sensitive skins! I found that it absorbs very quickly, so I had to use a bit more than the suggested amount. I love that the product fast absorbs and leaves no heaviness on the skin. My face has felt great even when the weather has been working against me. This has become a daily in my evening beauty regimen. Would definitely recommend this product.

    #freeproduct #tryitwithtopbox #indeedlabs

  36. Claudette Faulkner

    #vividteam #indeedlabs @indeedlabs
    My number one skin care ingredient hydrochloric acid!! This is a great moisture barrier . I really appreciate the fact it’s fragrance free as I have sensitive skin. None of the indeed products have broken my skin out ( bonus) and this feels so soft and luxurious . No stickiness and it dries down fast. My favorite from the indeed products I’ve tried.

  37. Sara Zuccato

    I received the intense moisture lotion as a #freeproduct from Topbox Circle. I use this nightly on a freshly washed face. I wake up and still feel so hydrated and my face is so smooth. I highly recommend this product.

  38. Yesmy

    I’ve been using this intense moisture lotion after I apply the moisture serum. I use this product on a daily basis in the morning (for my morning skincare routine) and at night (for my night time routine). My skin doesn’t normally react good with moisturizers I tend to break out but with this moisturizer my skin felt smoother and hydrated with just the smallest amount (pea sized) It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin and it leaves my skin feeling renewed, plumpy and baby butt soft! Yeah that soft! If you have super dry skin from the winter and want to repair I definitely recommend this intense moisture lotion as it does have triple moisture action, it contains minerals such as copper, magnesium and zinc. My skin hydration was restored with this intense moisturizer. #freeproduct

  39. O.S.

    I was given the opportunity to test and review the Indeed Laboratories Intense Moisture Lotion in exchange for my honest opinion. The rich and creamy formula is #fragrancefree. I applied the #lotion both in the morning and at night after cleansing. It has a lightweight texture that glides over your skin and is quickly absorbed. No tackiness or heaviness on your #skin after being applied. My #skin feels quenched and deeply moisturized. I’ve noticed that my #skin looks brighter and fuller since I’ve been using this moisture lotion. The dewy softness of my #skin is much appreciated. A little goes a long way with this formula infused with #copper, #magnesium and #zinc. The Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron Intense Moisture Lotion protects my skin from harmful environmental pollution that weakens my #skin’s ability to heal itself. I’m pleased with the results and will continue to use this #indeedlaboratories #skincare product that is #phthalatefree, #sulfatefree, #parabenfree, #colourantfree, free from drying alcohols and mineral oil-free. Thank you @topbox Circle and @indeedlabs for the opportunity to join the #RealResultsIndeed campaign! #trywithtopbox #gotitfree #freeproduct #ad #topbox #topboxcircle #moisturelotion #lotion #hyaluronicacid

  40. GlamGirl2019

    I recently had the opportunity to try Hydraluron Intense Moisture Lotion by Indeed Laboratories thanks to Topbox Circle #freeproduct and I’m soooooooo happy with the results. I have used it for over two weeks, alone, and with other Indeed moisture products as well as under makeup and bb cream. The texture is like a light cream and absorbs INSTANTLY. It comes in an easy to use pump. It’s perfect as a base for makeup. This moisturiser provides deep, intense moisturising. You only need a very small amount. Absolutely no stickiness or residue. I haven’t had any negative reactions whatsoever. I actively search for products that are free of sulfates, paraben, fragrances and colours and thankfully this moisturiser from Indeed has none of these. I have to say that I was very surprised with how quick the results were, from the first use. My skin is VISIBLY softer, smoother, plumper and my fine lines are almost gone completely. They state that there are premature aging benefits with this moisture lotion but I’ve heard that before so I was sceptical, to say the least. Not any more! My skin is so healthy and hydrated looking, and I still can’t get over how smooth is makes my skin look and feel. I did have some dry patches on my chin and they’ve cleared up as well. I would recommend this moisture product for anyone who wants all of the benefits of a hydraluron acid, copper, magnesium and zinc without any of the harsh chemicals most other moisture products use. I had fine lines and very dry skin after a long harsh winter. I am really pleased with how my skin is now and I will continue to use Indeed products.

    #vividteam #indeedlabs @indeedlabs

  41. Randi

    I received the hydraluron intense moisture lotion as a sample to try. I’ve been using along with hydration booster and hydraluron serum. It’s light texture is perfect for my sensitive skin, as well as it being unscented. My skin feels instantly hydrated and silky smooth. I especially like its claim to protect against environmental elements.
    #ad #freesample #trywithtopbox #indeedlabs

  42. Jasmine

    I got this free from Topbox in exchange for my review. I’ve been using it after the serum & booster for 2 weeks now. The moisturizer like the serum covers my face and neck with two pumps which is close to a pea sized amount. It feels thicker then the other two but still leaves my face feeling light after application. I didn’t notice any scent which is great for sensitive skin. The combination of the three products layered doesn’t leave my skin feeling heavy or full of product. It keeps my skin feeling nicely hydrated and smooth all day long, even if I’ve been outside in the sun for hours.
    #trywithtopbox #freeproduct #ad

  43. Rachael Smith

    From the Indeed line of moisturizing products, this is my favourite that I’ve tried. I love the little bottle/pump style, allows for easy application. I use only a pea sized amount for my entire face each time, and it’s satisfying. I feel like it definitely helped my skin feel less dry and look less flaky (around my nose area) where I tend to get the most dry skin. I will continue using this and see if I can reap long term benefits!

    ** I received this product from TopBox for testing and reviewing purposes**

  44. Tac

    I have received this product for review from Topbox. The weather is getting warmer and the dry winter air is leaving, this product is helping my very dry skin go back to normal. I love how this product protects from environmental damage as well too.. If the air quality is a little off than most days, i will absolutely be using this product. #freeproduct

  45. Judy

    I used this product twice a day. The texture and was silky with no odor but I did find it very sticky on my face. Overall though combined with the serum and booster my complexion looks great after less than two weeks.

  46. Helen Klassen

    I got this #freeproduct from Topbox circle and thoroughly enjoyed testing it for the past 2 weeks. Here’s my review based on the short use of this product!
    Positive: light, non greasy, unscented formula that absorbs easily without leaving your face greasy. It doesnt have much of a scent for those who have scent intolerances.
    Negative: I dont have anything truly negative to say about the product other than it’s very similar to hundreds of other products already on the market. Dont get me wrong, it works great, but I’ve used many other similar products so dont really have a strong reason as to why someone should purchase this product versus another one. Only reason why I didnt give it the full stars!

  47. Chelsea Churchill

    I received this as a #freeproduct from #topbox and have been using it for a few weeks and it’s a good moisturizer! I’ve been using it twice a day and I love that it is a bit thicker and has a light fragrance to it. I like the pump applicator as it makes for an easy application.

  48. Stephanieee

    Works great on my dry, dull skin. Fragrance free making it perfect for sensitive skin. Very little product is needed as a little goes a long way and was enough to cover my face and neck. The product is thicker and not sticky. So glad I got to try this #freeproduct. I definitely recommend.

  49. Stephieee

    Great product!

  50. Monica Lara

    I wasn’t sure if it was working in the beginning , but after a few days it made a huge difference in the look and feel of my skin. I have really sensitive skin and had no issues with it. Great product. Leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth use it with the hydration booster and the hydraluron moisture serum. Both morning and night. Definitely recommend this product. #tryitwithtopbox #vividteam #indeedlabs @indeedlabs

  51. Mandy K

    Thanks a bunch to topbox for the #freeproduct . I skin is breathing with super gentle , effective, dewy , super absorbent moisturizer . I love how energized my skin feels after using the moisturizer as it absorbes into the skin, looks healthy n glowy! Works really well under makeup too ! It’s perfect for Am to pm use ,highly recommend this product to anybody with dehydrated skin

  52. roxanne

    i have been a lucky, i’ve been chosen to try this product with topbox #freesample. This product help protect your skin from environmental damage. It doesn’t have any scent so it’s really good for sensitive skin. I apply it twice a day morning and before bed after i apply my hydration booster and moisture serum. My skin is smoother than it was and it is an amazing feeling.

  53. Brenda

    I received this #freeproduct from topbox. There is no scent which is nice. The feel of the moisturizer is nice, it absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling moisturized yet not dewy and sticky. I have been using it twice a day and am so amazed at how my skin feels. I am so excited to see the results after using for a few more weeks. I love, love, love these products!

  54. Amanda McGahon

    I was so excited to receive indeed Laboratories hydraluron intense moisture lotion to try through Topbox Circle in exchange for my honest review! This moisturizer is incredible!! Perfect for very dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin! As indicated on the packaging, I have been applying a pea sized amount of the moisture lotion blended with the hydration booster each morning and evening before bed after washing my face and applying the hydraluron moisture serum for over a week now and am SO impressed with the results! My skin is happy, hydrated and glowing! It is noticeably much softer. I absolutely am in love with indeed Laboratories and this line! I have been recommending and will be purchasing in the future! I cannot wait to try other products! #freeproduct

  55. kristy edgington

    I got this product free from topbox #gotitfree. I was excited to use the indeed products for my dry skin, and excited to say that they work! I used the cream both day and night, I applied only a pea size amount for each use. After 2 weeks of using the cream, I have noticed my skin looks hydrated and glowing, my coworkers have noticed as well!! I love the natural ingredients and its anti aging as well. #indeed

    Will purchase again!


    I wanted to love this lotion as I’m in the market for a new one and got this as a #freeproduct. This lotion is light and has a nice smell but it left me wanting more moisture only about 10 minutes after applying it had all soaked in already. As someone who skips primer I need my moisturizer to last longer than that.

  57. Brigitta Bajcsev

    Another amazing product. I love how light this product feels. You only have to use a small amount and the resault is amazing. Only can say good things about all the products I have tried from Indeed labs. #freeproduct

  58. Erica

    I used the lotion with the serum once a day. I find that the recommended pea size amount is way too little for my face. I have extremely dry skin. I would recommend this for someone with lightly dry skin. Not for excema. I received this product free for review purposes. I used it for approx. 8 days straights.

  59. Mia Lioni Hasmik

    I received Indeed Labs Hydraluron Intense Moisture Lotion free from Topbox Circle #freeproduct #vividteam #indeedlabs @indeedlabs #trywithtopbox #ad #freesample Thank you.
    This lotion is very light but so effective. It immediately eliminated the dry patches on my skin, making that smooth and well moisturized. I also love the fact that it doesn’t have any smell, and, thanks to that, it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. This lotion has both hyaluronic acid and squalane which are so moisturizing for my skin. Love this lotion very much! I would definitely recommend that to all my relatives and friends.

  60. Marisacb

    As far as facial moisturizers go this is awesome! It is lightweight yet packs a powerful hydration punch. I love how it feels on my skin and it isn’t greasy at all. Works well under makeup too. I received this product for free for review purposes.

  61. Waili

    I have been using it every day since I receive it. It is so amazing. My skin feel moisturized and doesn’t have any sticky feeling. #freeproduct

  62. Sara Malcovich

    Loving the intense moisture lotion. A little product is all you need and it absorbs quickly into the skin. There is no stickiness, residue or funny after feel. It also is scent free which is great for anyone with scent sensitivities. It really helps add extra moisture and leaves skin feeling smoother and soft. I’ve been using this lotion in addition to the hydration booster and moisture serum with noticeable results. It’s just an overall great product and I am so happy I received the chance to try it out. Thank you for the #freeproduct @topbox and @indeedlabs.
    All opinions are my own.


    La lotion est vraiment efficace pour ma peau déshydratée. Elle est d’une belle onctuosité et permet une bonne application. Ma peau garde son aspect hydraté pendant toute la journée. Seul l’application matin et soir suffit, pas besoin d’en appliquer plus que ça. Ce sera certainement une lotion qui restera un essentiel dans ma trousse beauté. #trywithtopbox #freeproduct #freesample #Topboxcircle #vividteam #indeedlabs @indeedlabs

  64. Jennifer Roberts

    love this product it is awesome . And it is indeed a product you will fall in love with. It is an awesome facial moisturizer. There is 0 scent which I love and is fabulous for anyone with and scent sensitivities. This product goes on light and does not leave a sticky or greasy feeling. My skin felt soft and thoroughly moisturized. I would recommend this product to others. #freeproduct #vividteam #indeedlabs #trywithtopbox

  65. kathy downey

    I received this product Indeed – Hydraluron Intense Moisture Lotion for free to test and review from Topbox,all opinions are my own.
    This lotion comes in a small canister with a pump motion.The white creamy lotion is frangrance free.I have extremely dry skin and flaky in general.
    I’ve been using this product for just a few days and I really like it! After cleaning and toning and adding a good serum this cream really keep my skin feeling moisturized and I’m so impressed by the weight of this moisturizer,it’s weightless.I can only see myself getting better results as I continue to use it,as just after a few uses the dry spots are once again moisturized and healthy looking.So happy I got to try this product and to find out how well it’s working for my problem’t wait to tell my family and friends about this one !
    #trywithtopbox #freeproduct #freesample #Topboxcircle #vividteam #indeedlabs @indeedlabs

  66. Lois Lemire

    I have used the hydraluron moisture boosting mask in the past (no longer available- sad) and use the indeed hydraluron intense moisture lotion. For my ageing skin this is a great product!

  67. Kim

    This product is quickly becoming my favourite facial moisturizer. There is 0 scent which I love and is fabulous for anyone with and scent sensitivities. This product goes on light and does not leave a sticky or greasy feeling. My skin felt soft and thoroughly moisturized. I would recommend this product to others. #freeproduct #vividteam #indeedlabs #trywithtopbox

  68. zukewichbrittaney

    The Intense Moisture Lotion is by far my favorite step! It comes in an easy to use pump which delivers a perfect amount of product every time. Used as the last step in the 3 step process and using it day and night it has made my skin as soft as my 5 month-old’s! Definitly a fan.

  69. Karlen

    I love that this product doesn’t have a scent. I find some moisturizers to be too overpowering and this definitely wasn’t. I received this product from #trywithtopbox #gotitfree

  70. Megan

    This is my favorite product, it is so soft and makes your skin feel amazing. It has no scent and a little bit is all you need. If you haven’t tried this you need too!! I got this as a #freeproduct from indeed laboratories and #topboxcircle for my review.

  71. LRinaL

    I received the indeed Laboratories hydraluron intense moisture lotion courtesy of topboxcircle in exchange for my honest and unbiased review #gotitfree.

    This intense moisture lotion is said to protect against environmental damage by creating a long lasting barrier that leaves your skin soft and smooth and hydrated. The lotion comes on the form of a pump bottle and the lotion has a thick white consistency.

    I apply this lotion along with the serum and booster am and pm and it gets absorbed readily. A pea size is all you need. The intense moisture lotion has no scent to it, kept my skin moisturized, and did not break me out.

    I would purchase this again and would recommend it.

  72. Stephanie Chamberlain

    Yessss ! I received this this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. It’s amazing ! I pair it with the serum and the booster and I’ve noticed such a difference !

  73. corsillomelisa

    I love how light this product feels! You only apply two pea-sized amount and you’re good to go! Amazing how so little can hydrate so much! I was concerned I wasn’t going to have this product last for a long period since it’s pretty compact. But I was proved wrong! Also, my sensitive skin appreciates the fact that this is unscented and that it doesn’t get greasy (which happens with a lot of deep moisturizers) after application. It’s easier to apply it during the day that way! Needless to say, my skin felt very refreshed. #freeproduct

  74. Jessica cyr

    This moisture lotion is honestly great! I love how finally i found a cream that does not stay greasy or oily on the skin which i despise! Also my skin has been overall looking great thanks to this lotion! #freeproduct

  75. Elizabeth

    My least favorite product from this company that I’ve tried so far. My skin feels uncomfortable after I put it on, it feels like there’s a film over my face. I got to try this sample from Topbox, I’ve been using it every morning for a week now. My skin is a bit more hydrated and the smell is nice. Works well under makeup.

  76. vmc.nessa45

    Hydraluron intense moisture lotion
    Is a big game changer 🙂
    A little goes a long way with this
    You just need a pea sized amount ..
    I usually enjoy using this in the evening,
    It really helps with fine lines & I noticed it improved my texture ..and didn’t make my skin feel greasy at all, also this has no dye or fragrance added to it, so people with sensitive skin will love it
    I received this to review for my honest opinion #freeproduct

  77. Eks

    I received this product for reviewing purposes and I’m so glad I did, I use acutane and my face is extremly dry, but because of this product my dry patches have disappeared ! I would reccomend this to anyone

  78. Jessalyn

    I’ve been using this cream for a few months now, and I normally have extremely dry skin in general and even more so during the winter months. This cream has left my face feeling hydrated 24/7. My skin is also very sensitive and this cream has worked wonders!

  79. Janna

    I have been using this product for a month and a half now and absolutely love it! I typically have dry patches on my cheeks and after using this product they are gone. I put it on after washing my face everyday and it has made such a difference.

  80. Trina Harany

    I’ve been using this product for about a month and a half and I really like it! I don’t use it everyday because I find it has a thicker quality to it. I tend to use it when my face feels really dry after washing it because it really does give my skin intense moisture! Overall I really like this moisturizer because it keeps me hydrated without making my skin feel oily or making me break out!

  81. Amy

    This product was great for moisturizing my skin which has become drier in the colder weather!

  82. Tori

    I absolutely love this product! I have combination dry/ greasy skin and it is perfect for my skin. It is very light with no scent so it goes on nicely. It cleared up my dry spots after one use. I would highly recommend this product.

  83. beth.mceachern

    I just got this product after trying both the hydraluron serum and hydraluron jelly. I’m so impressed by the weight of this moisturizer, it’s not too heavy but I feel replenished and moisturized. Even wearing this with a sunscreen over top throughout the day, I didn’t need to blot where I normally get pretty greasy throughout the day. I’m a big fan of the mineral content in this cream as well and I love how it feels on my skin. I will definitely be purchasing again once this one is getting low!

  84. Rachel

    I love this cream! I have really dry and sensitive skin (especially in the winter) and this cream has made it feel soft and refreshed. I’ve also noticed that my makeup looks less grainy when I use this cream before I apply it.

  85. Kylina

    I love this! I use the boosters, then apply the hydraluron jelly or serum and then use this to lock in all the moisture! It’s perfect! Lightweight, unscented and very moisturizing, this is a must have! Indeed labs products are just amazing and I’m a huge fan and coming from a skincare junkie who tries everything, it says it all!

  86. Penelope

    Amazing lotion, use it every day!

  87. Marius

    I have used the serum in the past and thought I would give this a try. I have tried it for night time right after my shower before bed, and it keeps me moisturized without getting greasy through the night. If you have dry skin or redness from the winter cold, this is perfect for you!

  88. Joanne Martire

    Love this product!

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