Fighting for what needs to be done in the skincare industry.

Dimitra is breaking down the barriers to what ‘should be done’ and instead fights for what ‘needs to be done’, in order to give people the great skin they’ve been seeking. Dimitra is real. She asks tough questions about ingredients, formulations, industry trends, and product usage so everyone can get to real results faster.

“Even as a young girl, I was always the type to take on challenges. The words ‘I cannot’ never factored into my vocabulary”, says Dimitra Davidson, referring back to a job interview to work on a bonds trading desk when she was just 18. Yet, it is this same limitless mentality that has her at the helm of one of Canada’s most innovative beauty brands, Indeed Labs™.

With a career built from working within finance and luxury sales, Dimitra’s trajectory into the fickle and trend-focused beauty industry isn’t a traditional one, but it makes sense.

Good skincare was always a must in Dimitra’s daily routine. Even as a young student with limited budgets, Dimitra made sure she took good care of her skin; often spending a disproportionate amount of her earnings on expensive skincare (because quality actives were only found in expensive skincare back then). She was never taught the importance; she just knew it instinctively. Today, Dimitra is enthusiastic about the opportunities for consumers due to the accessibility of good quality skincare and information about maintaining good habits.

When she was recently asked by a consumer if it was out of her passion for skincare that the Indeed Labs™ brand was born, Dimitra responded, “I recently realized it was not necessarily out of my passion but it was definitely my calling. I believe this is where I was meant to be”.

As a mother of three daughters, she comes at everything honestly. “I am very straight-forward, and I don’t know any other way to be.” That places a huge task of relying on consumers for organic feedback and understanding that they are educated and thoughtful about ingredients. “When you’re an innovator in the industry, you can’t follow,” she says. “You have to be a couple of steps ahead and the only way to do that is by really listening to your consumers.” Many of Indeed Labs™ products are conceived from filling a gap in the market and answering direct consumer queries.

“I am a very thorough, honest person,” says Dimitra about her successes. “Every project I’ve ever worked on, I put in 115 percent. And that is the same here with Indeed Labs™.”

The influence of beauty in the beauty industry:
“Being a woman in this industry is difficult. We’re in the beauty industry – we need to look good. But at the end of the day, beauty comes from within. It’s about balancing priorities and being a good person. That’s the philosophy of Indeed Labs™. Taking care of yourself externally and internally is what we’re about. And that’s how I live my life.”

The need to “act like a man” to be successful:
“Listen, you need to be strong. I have worked in some very male dominated industries. If you understand the context of what you’re dealing with, it becomes a business thing – not a gender thing. I’ve never looked at it that way.”

Leading a company that is mostly staffed by women:
“Here’s the thing: When I recruit, I don’t only look for females. We have just been fortunate in this business to attract a very strong and capable group of beauty enthusiasts. Together we collaborate and bring to the table solutions for real and relatable skincare issues.”

Working as an entrepreneur:
“I am extremely passionate about this business. I’m an owner. I’m also a consumer. This plays into why this company is so successful.”

The edge of being a Canadian beauty company:
“At Indeed Labs™, we’re able to move and act immediately by responding to consumers’ needs and industry trends to bring products and solutions to the market very quickly. We’re more nimble than a large company with a lot of layers.”