We Wanted Real.

Proudly Canadian, when Indeed Labs launched in 2010, their goal was to bring high-quality formulas, not just one ingredient, to deliver the results that consumers were looking for. That’s why their award-winning Nanoblur was their very first product, capturing global attention with the revolutionary formula. Nanoblur delivers instant results, creating a brand new category, and there’s still nothing else quite like it on the market. The goal was to make people feel comfortable showing their real skin, both in front of HD cameras and in real life. Nanoblur showed customers what it meant to be a highly targeted skincare line with transparency and accessible pricing.

Since then, Indeed Labs has created an entire line of highly effective, award-winning and science-backed skincare products that deliver real results to real people. From sensitive skin, to age spots, to moisture loss and wrinkles, Indeed Labs products are designed to meet the different skin concerns of people and empower them to define their own beauty.

Indeed Labs uses the highest level of actives possible to deliver the best results, which wasn’t being done at the time. All about firsts, Indeed Labs has proven time and again that they are leaders in innovation, such as by embracing bakuchiol, the first plant-based alternative to retinol. Their list of “market firsts” is not only impressive but often their products are duplicated by other brands. What makes Indeed Labs products unique is they are hybrid products, combining multiple benefits in one formula. After learning about the connection between gut health and skin health, they will launch a microbiome-certified product soon.

“On top of being first to market with innovation, we try to always push the envelope for change and work to make things better,” says Dimitra Davidson, President & COO of Indeed Labs. To build trust in Indeed Labs, there is a reason behind everything they do. One of the first companies to call out ingredients on their packaging in an effort to educate consumers, Indeed Labs focuses on safe ingredients, ensuring all ingredients are non-toxic, not tested on animals and not harmful to the environment. Understanding the many diverse needs of consumers, Indeed Labs has always focused on products that are effective and can address the various concerns of consumers; 85% of the products offered in their assortment are vegan.

Another cornerstone of the brand is being real and honest. “We wanted to bring a point of difference to consumers; we knew that the markup on products in this industry was quite high and consumers were paying the price,” Dimitra says. “Also, brands were spending marketing dollars on campaigns that gave consumers unrealistic expectations, using air brushed models and celebrities. Frustrated by the lack of transparency and the one size fits all traditional approach to healthy skin, coupled with the challenge of finding quality products that were affordable, we decided to create problem-solution, results-oriented skincare for all consumers everywhere. All those variables led to us to launch a brand that focused on innovation, quality formulas and accessibility, in terms of price point and retail distribution.”

In another groundbreaking move, Indeed went for something unconventional. At a time when colourful packaging didn’t exist in the industry, they lit up the skincare isle with their bright and bold packaging, for the first time, making science-based skincare fun!

Instead of churning out one launch after another, they carefully curate their offerings to ensure they aren’t being wasteful or overcomplicating people’s lives. To deliver the best products possible, Indeed Labs examines every detail and questions everything to keep evolving the brand and their offerings. Though the focused formulas are worthy of luxe labels, they’re accessibly priced. They are constantly reformulating fan favorites for maximum efficacy, and being a small company allows them to be nimble and bring solutions to market very quickly.

Dimitra herself even goes into stores to talk to customers to connect and get their feedback. She says, “I think it is clear we are always about the consumer and bringing the consumer the best value; I don’t know many brands that lead with that and only that!” Today the focus also goes beyond the consumer. Indeed Labs advocates for conscience beauty. From formulations to the environment, no beauty brand has all the solutions, but Indeed Labs is constantly examining how they can do better.

Our Upgrade Story

Why are we upgrading our products?

Our commitment to provide the best and most innovative products has led us to our upgrade journey. When we make the decision to upgrade our products, we use the feedback from our fans to guide the re-formulation process. Rather than discontinuing products we’ve spent months to years perfecting, we have decided to make them better by merely upgrading them. The name stays the same with the addition of “II” and the products work to target the same concerns, but we’ve scoured the world for the latest technology to add next generation actives so the products are even more effective than they were before!

For Example: While our customers loved the results they saw from using our original Eysilix formula, some of the most common feedback we received was the dislike of the tacky texture. Using this feedback, we re-formulated Eysilix II using a new base with a beautiful, smooth finish while simultaneously updating its actives with new technology. We added high-grade ingredients such as Neodermyl™, Dermaxyl®, Uplevity Peptide Solution and Revital-Eyes to address more concerns than the original Eysilix formula including puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles and saggy skin.

Just like our cell phones, our skincare needs to be upgraded too. Why discontinue products when you can make them even better?

We’re just keeping it REAL.


No parabens, no animal testing, no fragrance!


Clinically proven ingredients


Get luxe, for less.